Come Cook at our Dutch Oven Rendezvous June 8

Join us for our next Dutch Oven activity at the SBF & DOR June 8, Sat. dinner hour at the Dutch Oven potluck.  Share recipes with fellow cooks and sample each others victuals.  Members get discounted weekend passes at the gate or ahead of time at Kennewick Ranch & Home or on-line at our website. Folks with something cooked in a Dutch Oven and participating bands are invited to the potluck.

  • Jo Bowlin-Johnson

    I have always enjoyed cooking in a dutch oven and didn’t know there was a group in the Tri-Cities! I didn’t even know about the Rendevous until someone told me about it! I’m so excited! I am planning on coming to the Rendevous and was wondering how I can participate. I’d appreciate finding out more information about the potluck.


    May 19, 2013 at 9:33 AM
  • Gary Andrews


    We will be attending the SBF in a couple of weeks and are interested in the DOR (see, I’m even learning the acronyms). Looking at past DOR pictures, I see that all the Dutch ovens are cast iron with legs and, apparently cooking is done over (and under) charcoal. Our “Dutch oven” is basically a cast iron pot with enamel? coating (Le Creuset) and we would normally use the stove/oven in our camper to cook. I’m concerned that our “Dutch Oven” isn’t really the type that qualifies for the DOR. Am I correct? I don’t want to embarrass anyone. Kinda like bringing an electric guitar to a bluegrass festival .


    May 28, 2013 at 8:00 PM

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