Jackpot cookoff at the 2012 Rendezvous

Win over  $100 at our Dutch Oven jackpot cook-off!  The 2012 Dutch Oven Rendezvous will again have a Dutch Oven cook-off .  This year, as well as  possibly winning one of three jackpot prizes, the dish with the most votes from the judges will win an additional $100.  Here is how our jackpot cookoff works.  Any ticket holder or volunteer may enter any dish cooked in a Dutch Oven over coals or brickets.  Categories are main dish, side dish, and desserts.  Each entry puts in $2 to the “jackpot” in their respective categories.  Winners in each category win that respective jackpot.   Judges will vote for their favorite dish in each category.  The dish with the most overall votes will win the additional grand prize of $100.  Judges are the hired bands and festival organizers.

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