Music Activities at the 2012 Festival

The Chick Rose School of Bluegrass is the name of our youth music workshop at the bluegrass festival this year.  Lead instructor, Martin Stevens, is a talented multi-instrumentalist, and a talented teacher.  

Martin Stevens (23) was one of Chick Rose’s early bluegrass students and played in ‘Athena and the River City Boys’ 2001, a popular young band formed of Chicks early students. Currently he plays with ‘Dan Crary and Thunderation’, ‘The Bluegrass Regulators’ and is one half of the powerful duo of, Molly Adkins and Martin Stevens.  Martin is one of a special young crew carrying Chicks dream forward. Teaching the music and history,  keeping the bluegrass community alive with excitement and tradition for younger generations.

Martin will be assisted by Molly Adkins,  Zach Top, Matty Top, and Joram Top.  This is a great way to expose your kids to this type of music.  Loaner instruments are available.

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