The Dutch Oven Rendezvous Schedule

We again are going to have quite a few Dutch Oven activities for 2012. We saw what a success the jackpot cookoff was the past two years, so it will be improved and continued.

Friday June 8th

Dutch Oven Cooks meet and greet around 5:00 pm bring an appetizer to share, visit and talk about what is going on for Saturday.  (your dish does not have to be cooked in a Dutch oven for this)

Saturday June 9th

Dutch Oven Seminar  and Demo TBD – we need cooks to help out with this please contact Liz asap!

Dutch Oven Potluck and Cook-off – Pots on the table at 6:00 PM;  This is open to anyone who brings something in a Dutch Oven.

We need DO cooks to help out. If you would like to volunteer at the Dutch Oven shelter during the festival, please contact Liz at (509)460-0375 (prior to June 1, 2012). If you volunteer for 4 hours you will receive a Saturday pass into the festival.

…If you are interested in DO cooking and haven’t yet cooked in your pot, bring your pot (Dutch Oven 🙂 )(seasoned and ready to go) and we will have something easy for you to cook and we’ll hook you up with a DO mentor. Then you can attend the potluck with your dish!

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