The festival has been converted to a “camp and Jam” for 2021. Campers may arrived on June 10 and must vacate by 10:00am on June 14, 2021. There will be no concerts nor activities that may draw a crowd. Prices for campers are $10 per person, plus a $13 per vehicle per night camping fee.


Sacajawea State Park – Pasco, Washington

Since 2004,  MCTAMA has hosted the Sacajawea Bluegrass Festival and Dutch Oven Rendezvous in Sacajawea State Park during the second weekend of June beginning Friday evening. This festival consists of live music, a Dutch Oven gathering, camping, workshops, dancing, and delicious food.

MCTAMA (Mid-Columbia Traditional Arts and Music Association) is a Tri-cities based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about traditional arts and music. MCTAMA has jam sessions, hosts workshops and organizes concerts for budding musicians and anyone who appreciates traditional music.


We have a wide range of sponsorship opportunities for businesses and partners who want to be involved in our annual event. This is a chance for you to connect with a unique Tri-Cities audience. The attached document outlines the options available. We would like you to be a part of this exciting venture and would be grateful for your support of the Sacajawea Bluegrass Festival and Dutch Oven Rendezvous.

If you or your company is interested in being a sponsor, please call me at (509) 492-1555, or email Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration.


For 2021, no vendors will be at the event.  In 2022, the Sacajawea Bluegrass Festival will be  looking for food vendors, artists, crafters and vendors with items contributing to the understanding and enjoyment of nature, history, the Bluegrass music tradition and Dutch Oven cooking. All items must be new, either purchased or handmade. (Exception: used acoustic music instruments as used in Old Time/Bluegrass music.)

Please email for further information about receiving an application.


We are looking for volunteers to help out at the bluegrass festival.  We need help in set-up and tear-down (physically fit persons), Checking for arm bands at gates, Information and CD sales table, Festival attendee check-in, and helping in the Dutch Oven area. Volunteering two- 4 hour shifts (8 hours total) enables you to get a complimentary weekend pass. You may break up the volunteering into 2 hours shifts as long as you work a total of 8 hours to help with the event.  If you are interested in helping out, please email, or give us a call at (509) 492-1555.


Camping is only available to weekend pass ticket holders. . Camping starts on Thursday, at 10 AM. Camp fees are $13 per night per vehicle. Towed in items are not vehicles.

Payment is by cash or check only. No camping reservations are accepted for this event.  We have always had plenty of room, it is a large site.  All campers must be registered at the event and pay the $10 per person fee.

Dutch Oven Rendezvous Information.

For 2021, there will be no organized Dutch Oven cooking activities.   For 2022, the Dutch Oven area will be active on Saturday of the event.   If you would like to cook with your outdoor Dutch Oven and participate in the potluck, please email us at:  Being a participant in Dutch Oven area without a festival ticket will not allow  you to gain access to the concert area or campground.