Presidents Letter December 2012

Wishing you all the best for 2013!  Each year flies by, gaining momentum as it rolls down the hill, and the MCTAMA year was no exception.   From the music workshop last spring, Sacajawea Bluegrass Festival & Dutch Oven Rendezvous, cookouts, Jams and Sacajawea Heritage Days we have had a great time all around.  We were blessed to be able to host 2 national bands, The James King band, and Ron Spears and Friends during our fall and spring concerts.

  MCTAMA elections have passed and I want to thank those who took the time to run for the board.  Sharon Stewart, Joe Gunter, Liz Sapp, Jack Hayes and Dennis Irby have decided to move on and open the door for a few of you to step in and serve. We appreciate their time, thoughtfulness and help in all that they brought to the board.  We hope to see them volunteering and possibly joining the board again.  We welcome our new secretary Karen Sowers and new board member Brent Vandevender.  The 2013 board  will consist of Nancy Burgess-president, Jim Sapp-V.P, Jeanne Newton-treasurer, Karen Sowers-secretary, Dennis Miller, Marie Parks, and Brent Vandevender.

  I would like to thank our volunteers who make all of our events happen.  A wealth of appreciation goes out to our sponsors the financial or in-kind back bone of our events. Chiefs RV, Artmil Design, the Top family, the Sapp family, Clover Island Inn, Randy and Janet Schuler Washington State Parks, RDO Equipment, Jim and Jan Delfel, Vern and Sharon Crow, and The Legends of Country with Ed Dailey.  Please take the time to visit their business or give them a big howdy and thank-you when you see them.

  I would like to express deep sympathy to Marie Parks and family as recently Clarence passed on.  He was a former board member with unique qualities and southern charm.  Clarence will be remembered and greatly missed by all.

  Please continue to support live music in this and the surrounding communities, the only way to assure we keep it alive and thriving for the next generation is through your continued support. ~ Nancy Burgess


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